An ICO with income and equity. That must be a first. CryptoMillionsLotto (CML) – an ICO combining security tokens with publicly listed shares.

With the ongoing debate around the intrinsic value of many ICOs, we were interested to discover CML, which is planning to launch a new Global crypto Lotto.


25,000,000 CML Tokens will be up for sale, each priced at the equivalent of US$ 2.50. A further 5,000,000 will be distributed through Reward programmes. Investors in the crowdsale will receive free, publicly listed shares of RSN Entertainment’s parent company, Ofertas365 Limited, in the ratio of 1 share for every 2 to 2.6 CML Tokens purchased.

The ERC-20 tokens are securities, entitling holders to quarterly dividends representing 15% of gross revenues and verifiable on the blockchain. They will be listed on crypto exchanges and, like stocks, will appreciate in value based on the business’ performance. The ICO has been filed with the Securities & Exchange Commission under Regulation D, so US Accredited Investors are able to participate.



The Economist has a good background report on the issues facing the crypto sector

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